• Know more than facts, understand morale (for example easily produce staff surveys, enable blogging and twitter feeds)
  • Understand staff aspirations, not just roles and responsibilities
  • Manage risks (for example retention, under-utilisation, succession planning) not just costs
  • Enable people managers to analyse and present HR data using their reporting tools of choice, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Present a single source of truth with respect to SAP HR data in an environment that facilitates the incorporation of unstructured supporting documentation (for example images, certificates, approasials, persomal development plans)


  • Effectively support key Human Resource business processes (for example recruitment, on-boarding, off-boarding, performance management)
  • Utilise SharePoint document management and collaboration tools to facilitate sharing of both structured data (eg Employee master records) with unstructured content (for example employment contracts, resumes, images, assessments) whilst maintain a SAP certified link to the related SAP master data or transactions
  • Reference the SAP Organisational hierarchy to drive internal business approval processes


  • Assemble role-specific intuitive Workspaces that transcend system boundaries, and increase productivity in task execution by providing a familiar and consistent interface to both SAP and non-SAP functionality.  (For example, from your managers cockpit approve new hires with reference to market rates, book staff on external training courses, book travel on third party systems with reference to internal event scheduling and budgets.)
  • Allow employees and managers to process transactions themselves enabling HR to focus on the bigger picture: sourcing and retaining talent, and optimising the return on the human resources of the organisation

Process Improvement Opportunities

  • Do you a single intuitive platform for supporting Personnel Management, Talent Management, Time Management, Training & Event Management and of course Payroll?
  • Are you still experience difficulty deriving timely and relevant insight into the potential, satisfaction and productivity of your workforce? 
  • Are your key process such as onboarding, KPI setting and appraisals seamless and efficient? 
  • Are your staff required to access multiple systems or to resort to delegating processing to a small group of professional users for activities such as publishing resourcing needs, monitoring over-capacity, defining and refining performance measures, conducting staff surveys, generating correspondences?
  • Are your executives tapped into the culture and mood of the organisation?
  • How are ideas being captured, and is Innovation cherished?

Because people are your most valuable asset