What it means

  • SAP embodies Best Business Practices for Transaction processing, and provides a Workflow engine
  • But with many organisations, SAP workflow implementations are limited to very basic Purchase Requisition or Leave approval scenarios
  • The reason is that real business processes are seldom deterministic, involve multiple stakeholders and incorporate unstructured content such as documents and images
  • SAP is not well suited to supporting collaboration processes, but SharePoint is the perfect platform
  • Utilising standard Windows Workflow capabilities, or accelerators like K2, cross-functional, cross-application, document centric business processes can be effectively managed


  • We understand core SAP capabilities - but help you improve your processes by supplementing  core transaction processing with improved contextual information, better collaboration capabilities, and easier SAP interaction
  • We recognise that what matters is the effectiveness of the end solution and objectively recommend the best combination of cross-application and application specific workflow technologies to deliver the best business process outcomes
  • We can specifically assist organisations integrate their cross-application business process management frameworks with SAP to leverage the SAP organisation structure, master data, and business logic whilst maintaining application independence and flexibility

Questions we can help you with

  • How can I reference the SAP organisational structure for workfow escalation?
  • Where should my business rules be enforced?
  • How can I reference SAP master data for my lookup lists?
  • Can we update directly as part of our process?
  • My team knows K2, but can you assist with K2 Connect for SAP?
  • How can I integrate supporting documentation into my process?

Enabling Cross-Application Business Process Management