What it means

  • Outlook, Excel, and Word represent the most commonly used business applications on the market
  • Information workers are comfortable with the familiar MS Office environment, and largely self-sufficien
  • Delivering SAP functionality into Microsoft Office applications improves adoption, empowerment and productivity.
  • Sometime your needs are unique, and a small Office Add-in can provide incredible productivity benefits to a significant number of users


  • IQX lives and breathes Office Add-ins
  • We have a number of successful commercial add-ins on the market, and are always innovating in this space
  • We understand the opportunities and challenges of SAP integration including security and interacting with SAP API's and object model
  • We have worked with DUET, but understand the need of enterprise customers for customised business accelerators
  • We see the value of bringing SAP into the user's familiar context, and not forcing users to learn new applications

Questions we can help you with

  • Can we have an Outlook add-in that returns key business partner information?
  • Can I use Excel as the upload mechanism for my pricing updates?
  • How can I refresh live SAP information directly into a familiar Excel workbook?
  • How do I easily update Word contracts with key fields populated from SAP?
  • Can I approve transactions in Outlook with all supporting information provided live from SAP?

Empowering end-users with familiar applications