What it means

  • Business Analysis means really understanding the value chain
  • Understanding what triggers business processes, what information is consumed, what stakeholders are engaged, and what outcomes are achieved
  • Ensuring that each participant is provided system support at the right time, in the right format, in the right context irrespective of back-end systems
  • Users prefer one consistent user interface that is intuitive to learn, simple and efficient to operate, and allows them to outperform the competition


  • We have a deep background in SAP, and a detailed appreciation of the functional capabilities of the SAP application suite
  • We also appreciate that business processes involve people and external interactions, and that systems should support people, and not the other way round
  • We are not technology bigots, but see the potential of two technologies working in harmony and not in opposition
  • From our experience we can suggest system improvements that deliver contextual knowledge, seamless processes, and efficient interaction

Questions we can help you with

  • How do we integrate unstructured documents in our business processes?
  • How do we balance process consistency and agility?
  • How do we collaborate on important business decisions?
  • What information is relevant to a particular function?
  • How do we design role-specific user experiences?
  • What is the value of electronic forms?
  • When should information be stored in SAP, and what happens until then?
  • Where are all the attributes stored of my important business entities (eg staff, products, customers)?