Electronic interactive SharePoint forms for SAP

Eliminate paper forms, automate processes via a simple user experience

With SharePoint forms you can directly access and update SAP data in a controlled, simple and intuitive way. IQX forms can easily automate many of your existing paper forms, we can facilitate the associated data lookups (SAP and Non-SAP), workflows, approvals and updates. The opportunity is to deliver many processes to a broad array of user types without any training overhead and without facilitation.

Furthermore, reduce your reliance on consultants by taking a greater level of ownership over your electronic forms.IQX makes use of InfoPath forms, ASPX forms and Silverlight forms.

Key Functions

IQX SharePoint Forms can be used for:
  • Master data maintenance
  • Transaction initiation
  • Transaction updates
  • Status updates
  • Self Service requests
  • Travel requests
  • HR Processes
  • Security provisioning
  • Service management
  • External party transactions


  • No training - simply complete an electronic form with live data lookups
  • Direct real-time updates
  • Offline capabilities
  • Workflow enablement
  • Efficient ERP licence allocations


  • Direct SAP data lookups
  • Real-time processing
  • Leverage SAP security
  • Robust architecture
  • Self sufficiency