Flexible Workflows for the Real World 

Use K2 and K2 Connect to build workflows that span SAP and Non SAP users and applications.

Use information from SAP in your K2 and SharePoint applications. Do it simply – in minutes, not days or weeks with K2 connect for SAP, this requires no code and can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

SmartObjects (reusable business entities, like customers, invoices, etc.) built with K2 connect for SAP can be used and reused within K2 processes, .NET-based applications, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and any other application that can consume Web services.

K2 connect for SAP is an add-on to the K2 blackpearl® software platform, which is used for building process-driven applications that improve business efficiency.

Key Functions

Use simple tools to access SAP information.
  • A visual Service Object designer makes it easy to incorporate SAP information, without writing code.
  • Build SmartObjects that include data from multiple SAP objects - with just a few clicks.
  • Leverage SAP's security model to ensure that users only have access to the information they are allowed to see.

Leverage SAP information across applications.
  • K2 SmartObjects allow for consistent SAP data access across multiple applications, such as K2 processes, reports and custom applications.
  • K2 SmartObjects can be exposed as Web services, making it easy to integrate with SAP across all your applications.
  • In just a few simple steps, build easy-to-use K2 blackpearl applications that can create and update SAP information.

Surface SAP information in SharePoint.
  • Surface SAP information in SharePoint through K2's integration with the Business Data Catalog.
  • Use SAP information within SharePoint lists and libraries.
  • Build dashboards in SharePoint that surface relevant SAP information to business users.


  • Flexibe real-world workflows spanning application boundaries
  • Promotes self sufficiency
  • Strong reuse capabilities


Components include:
  •   Forms
  •   Actions
  •   Reporting
  •   Event Monitoring
  •   Information

Various tools for different user types:
  •   Web Designer
  •   K2 Studio
  •   Designer for Visual Studio

SAP Certified solution