Excel-Based Budget & Forecast Management for SAP


Load SAP budget/plan data directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

Budget Loader is an Excel add-in that lets you load SAP budget/plan data directly from an Excel spreadsheet. Enjoy the functionality, flexibility and familiarity of preparing your plan data in Excel and supplementing this with actuals to date without the expense and errors of manually entering the results into SAP or building an inflexible custom interface.

Key Functions

  • Budget Loader in an Excel add-in that allows users to quickly build spreadsheets, custom-tailored to specific SAP planning transactions.
  • By fully leveraging the capabilities of Excel, users can develop their plan and link the finished numbers to the Budget Loader spreadsheet using formulas and native Excel functionality.
  • Budget Loader supports data lookups, validations and direct posting to SAP from within Excel based on an authorised connection to SAP.


  • Eliminate re-keying
  • Leverage familiar Excel functionality
  • Encourage Excel-based collaboration
  • Create more detailed plans and templates
  • Enable more frequent planning & forecasting
  • Allow flexible spreadsheet layouts


Budget Loader supports the following areas:

  • Cost Centers (KP06, KP26, KP46)
  • Internal Orders (KPF6, KPD6)
  • Activity Based Costing (CP06, CP26, CP46)
  • Project Systems (CJR2, CJS2)
  • Profit Centers (7KE1, 7KE3, 7KE5)
  • Profitability Analysis (KEPM)
  • Public Sector (FMBBC)