Excel-Based Sales Reporting for SAP 

Empower users with simple, intuitive & real-time Excel-based reporting

SalesSheet is an Excel add-in that enables business users to analyse sales performance directly from within Excel. 

Purpose built for tight integration to SAP, SalesSheet is deployed within minutes and users require virtually no training to be fully self-sufficient at accessing live sales information from “Order to Cash”. 

SalesSheetis helping managers gain deeper business insights, collaborate more efficiently and access reliable information more quickly for effective decision making. Connecting securely to SAP for trusted real-time data retrieval, SalesSheet reports are built using custom functions to retrieve Sales information for a range of dimensions. 

The Get Sales function for example returns a selection of key figures (Sales, Cost of Sales, Margin or Quantity) for a defined Sales Area, Organisational Area (Office or Group), Customer (Group) or Product (Group).

Key Functions

  • Business unit Gross Margin Reporting
  • Customer Value Reporting
  • Commission Calculation 
  • Sales Team Performance
  • Trend Analyses
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Drill to details


  • Easy and intuitive
  • Presentation formatting
  • Enables collaboration
  • No data redundancy
  • Drill to document level
  • Flexible reporting
  • No import/export
  • No implementation
  • Drill to line items
  • SAP Authorisations
  • Leverages existing investment in Microsoft and SAP
  • No additional license or hardware requirements


  • Key Figures:  Sales, Cost of Sales, Margin, Quantity
  • Parameters:  Values, ranges, lists, list range combinations and “Excludes” are supported
  • Refresh:  Refresh your workbook on demand live from SAP in  the background
  • Wizard driven:  Use the Get Balance wizard to populate the parameters to get a live balance
  • Copy and Paste: Simply copy and paste Get Balance functions to build, extend, create comparatives or clone reports